Term 2!

Welcome back!

Straight back into it 🙂
The Year 2 students are in their last week of swimming and from what I have heard, they have really been enjoying their lessons & are doing well. Feel free to visit the pool if you are available to watch your little ones splash around and practise their skills.

Our Year 3 students have also been super busy! With the prospect of NAPLAN upon them, they have been busy revising skills and concepts that will be covered by the exams. This one-on-one time has assisted in easing any possible anxiety, as well as seeking assistance in any areas that are concerning them.

NAPLAN will commence on Monday 8th May @ 9am. Day two and three of NAPLAN will be  on the Tuesday & Wednesday. Year 2 students will be invited to join the other Year 2 classes where they will remain until just after recess.

Please ensure that your child brings in their homework. We use class time to rule up our homework books for WTW, which in turn, lightens the load for jobs to do at home. It also provides me with the opportunity to see if any areas of homework need revising in class.

Later this term, Year 2 students will be introduced to Words Their Way. Until then, they will be practising the skills and ‘jobs’ associated with WTW as homework. Today (1/5/17) they have come home with a white sheet of words – they must cut the words out and sort them under the headings (o_e, u_e, a_e, i_e). The picture below explains the homework tasks associated with these words for the next fortnight.




Assembly change!!!!

Due to upcoming events within our school, we have organised to change our assembly date. Our assembly will now be held in Week 3 of Term 3 (1/8).

If you haven’t yet brought in pictures of your child as a baby/toddler/pregnant (you, not the students), please do so ASAP. This is to assist in a Science/ICT Project that is currently underway.

Thank you!

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