Term 3 so far! (Week 6)

What a super busy term we have had so far and with so much more to come!

Swimming for the Year 3 students was wrapped up with a bang. They had such an awesome time and with our swimming lessons located at the new Arc Recreation Centre, everyday there was a bus full of beans. I loved being able to attend on the last day to see all the hard work they had put into achieving their levels.

Meanwhile in class, the Year 2 students have been learning all about Samson House. We are so excited about our upcoming excursion to Fremantle to see Samson House in all it’s glory. We have been busy learning about Lionel Samson and his family, as well as the Heritage listed family home. It will be exciting to show you all how much we know during Open Night which is coming up in Week 10 (Wednesday).

In Room 9, we have been learning about the power of feedback and have been working together to provide our peers with advice on how to improve our work. Stay tuned to see some raw examples of this during Open Night.

In Science we have been conducting many experiments to do with Chemical Science. This has been detrimental to understanding how to plan and conduct a fair test, as well as following the process to predict, conduct, review, and analyse our tests by using a Science Inquiry Planner.


Our assembly in Week 3 was fantastic! We received so much praise about how well we did (& recovered from a few blunders). Our main aim was to show how using the Aubin Grove Learner Qualities can assist us to problem solve, investigate & enquire and to be unafraid of challenges. The link to re-watch the videos are below

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I am a Communicator

I am a Driver

I am a Thinker

Success Fire Station came to visit us this week to educate us on how to be safe when it comes to fire. We learnt about the steps we can take to reduce the risk of fire and damages and some important safety precautions that are required at home; including, charging electronics on a flat, hard surface (not your bed), creating a fire evacuation plan for the family home, documenting the nearest cross street to your house and so much more.

The firemen even squirted the Fire Truck’s hose!

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