Week 10 – Updates

Hi everyone,

just a little bit of information before we break up for the term 🙂

ANZAC Ceremony

This Friday at 11:05am our ANZAC Ceremony will take place. The ceremony will be held around the flagpoles outside of the undercover area for Years 3-6 students and some members of the Aubin Grove community. Unfortunately this means that our Year 2 students will not watch the ceremony and instead will join a fellow Year 2 class.

Year 3 students must wear their Purple AGPS shirts on Friday. No Faction shirts are to be worn!


There has been no homework sent home this week, nor for the holidays, however the children will bring home their homework folders in order to continue practising their multiplications & divisions, spelling & to access Mathletics.

  • Year 2s: do not have any reading books over the holidays.
  • Year 3s: please encourage your child to complete the Reading Log at the back of their Homework Folder so that we can track their reading.

Please bring all Homework Folders in on the Monday of Week 2.

Although there is no homework during the holidays, we are reviewing lifecycles in Science. I have asked all students to bring in some pictures of their own life cycle.
This may include:

  • a picture of them in mum’s tummy,
  • baby picture
  • a toddler picture.


Year 2 students will be beginning their Swimming lessons for 2017 in Term 2. Sessions will run in the morning (8:35am-10:20am) during Weeks 1 & 2. This will have an effect on our Specialists Schedule, so I will update a copy of our revised timetable as soon as I have it.

Year 2 students should come dressed ready for swimming as we are first up in the day. They will not be taking their uniform to the pool, thus must have a dry towel/dressing gown/tshirt, etc. to keep them warm on the way home. Every child must have appropriate footwear, i.e. thongs and a set of goggles. All students are to enter the classroom as normal, they will be dismissed at 8:35am where they will be led to the busses by Mrs Douglas. The bus will not wait for any late comers.

As the Year 2s have their swimming lessons, this provides the Year 3s with the opportunity to work within a smaller group capacity. During these sessions we will spend some time reviewing and revising NAPLAN techniques. I feel that this will benefit the students in preparing themselves for the types of questions to expect and to expand on a range of strategies applicable during the exam.

I will coach the students in preparing for exam conditions and assist in easing any anxiety that they my have. This time will also give the Year 3s the time to seek and gain feedback on their learning, providing them with the tools to progress on their learning goals.


The Library will be undergoing some renovations during the holidays, thus we have not exchanged our books this week. Please encourage your child to read plenty during the holidays 🙂


NAPLAN is fast approaching. We have been practising some mock exams in the class and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. Year 3 students will stay in the classroom to complete their exams, whilst the Year 2 students will be sent to a fellow Year 2 class for the time period of the exam. I will update this information as soon as we have a more accurate idea of times.


Lastly, I hope you all have an amazing Easter and break. I’d like to thank you for this term – I know that it has had it’s challenges but we truly have such a beautiful class & are very lucky!

Relax, enjoy & eat plenty of choccies!


Naomi Bent

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