Week 4

Hi everyone,

what a busy couple of weeks we have had – especially with assembly & swimming!

Swimming: Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day for Year 3 Swimming. I will be attending tomorrow’s swimming lessons with the students, to watch and share some of their excitement. The Year 2 students will be partnered up and sent to their buddy class that they usually join in with for Junior School Sport. We will be gone from 10:05-11:35am.

Samson House: In the next coming weeks, we have an excursion to Samson House in Fremantle. This has been a focus of study for the Year 2s during HASS (Humanities & Social Sciences) as we have been looking at life in the olden days. I am aware that the Year 3 students attended this excursion last year & they were super excited to be invited on this excursion again. What is great is that it directly links to the Yr3 curriculum too, as we are looking at continuity and change of an environment. We will be focusing on the addition of new architecture and the upkeep of old buildings, etc. and what better place to do that than close to home?

Please return permission slips as soon as possible to the ‘School Box’.

Attendance: As we are facing the worst winter in goodness knows how long and cold & flus are passing through, please spare a moment to advise the school/me of your child’s absence & reason so that it can be noted appropriately.

Open Night: Open Night is fast approaching & we are wild at work, ensuring that we can display our best products of learning, progress & achievements. Please save the date for Wednesday 20th September from 5pm onwards 🙂

Fire Incursion: On Thursday 24th August, the local Fire Department will be presenting an incursion as part of our Health Program. Keep your eyes out for a note related to this that will be sent home tomorrow.

Crunch n’ Sip: Just a reminder that Crunch n’ Sip must be a fruit/vegetable that is easy to snack on in class. Juices/biscuits/cheese are not accepted as Crunch n’ Sip and will be left in bags for lunch/recess instead. Please also ensure your child brings water to school every day.

Homework: Homework grids are based on a fortnightly basis; however, Words Their Way & Reading books are changed every week. Students must bring their homework to school either every Friday or Monday (so weekends are homework-free). Although you do not always see ticks in Homework books, I am checking a list to ensure that in line with our Homework Policy, home tasks are completed. This also applies to Mathletics. Tasks are set that are reflective of the learning in the classroom, please encourage your child to attempt Mathletic challenges at least once a week.

Stationery: All student stationery has been handed out & supplies are running low. If you know that your child is missing a glue stick, pencils, writing books, erasers, etc. please do send them in. We will check our inventory later in the term and send home a note of items that are in need of a top up. Your support here is much appreciated 🙂

Thank you for reading.


Naomi Bent

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