Week 9 & 10

We have had a super busy fortnight with Miss Bent returning back to school. The holidays are coming up fast but we haven’t been in holiday mode yet – with plenty of NAPLAN practise and our fast approaching swimming lessons (Year 2), we know that there’s nothing but hard work expected 😉


In English we have been focussing on Persuasive Writing! This topic was introduced by the topic “All children should play a musical instrument”. The students had a couple of minutes to brainstorm and map down their arguments for or against. We then parted the room (for vs against) & held a mini debate with the main objective being to persuade the opposing team to swap sides. We saw some very strong arguments and many chose to change their sides.

Since, we have researched what is needed to create a persuasive as a text. We know that we should introduce our topic, share our opinion, state our reasons with ample examples and explanations & use persuasive language (modality words).

Look out for some great examples of our persuasive writing hanging around the classroom next term!


In Maths we have been covering many topics – these mainly being 3D Shapes, Word Problems, Number Patterns, Grid Referencing and Fractions.

We have enjoyed creating 3D shapes and identifying their properties, as well as finding real life 3D objects. We merged our Maths session with computer time, to research and find examples of some 3D shapes. We also learnt how to input and format a table onto a Pages document, as well as drawing on our previous skills in copying & pasting!

Students have been working in small focus groups to complete a series of rotational tasks. These small groups have provided them the opportunity to build friendships with their peers, as well as gain coaching and support from one another. The rotational tasks are hands on and have allowed the students with the opportunity to learn in different environments (walking around the room, sitting on the floor, etc.)


This term our focus in Science has been based on ‘Living and Non-Living’. In more recent weeks, we have looked into the job of a Taxonomist and have used the computers to research websites and watch linked educational videos to identify the characteristics of: Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Mammals, Amphibians, Insects.

We have now started looking into life cycles. Over the next coming weeks, students will be working in small groups and using ‘Book Creator’ to share their understanding of life cycles.


This term we have been learning about Protective Behaviours & what it means to be safe. We have listed some people on our ‘helping hand’ that we know that we can turn to if we have a problem. Students are now able to identify ‘early warning signs’ which indicate that they are not feeling safe and have been learning about the steps to follow to assist them.

On Wednesday 5th April, we had a Constable Care Incursion which reflected our learnings during this term!

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