Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to school. I hope you all enjoyed a great break over the Easter holiday and had the chance to spend some quality time with your family in the glorious weather we had.

The school holidays are now less than two weeks away but in the meantime, we have a busy and exciting few days to navigate through.

School Photos

These commence tomorrow for most of our Year 4, 5 and 6 classes as well as Head Boy, Head Girl and Faction Captains. They continue next Wednesday and Thursday for the rest of the school. Year 6s are reminded to wear their school uniform and not their Leavers’ shirt.

Harmony Day

Our Health and Well Being committee have been very busy organising our Harmony Day festivities. They have planned a day of fun and celebration providing everyone with the chance to learn more about the cultures and nationalities that make up our school and wider community.  This day celebrates the joy we feel being a multi-cultural and culturally diverse school and we invite everyone to join in. a plan of the day is as follows:

8:20 – Mrs Verbickis and the Junior Choir will be performing as parents enter the school grounds.

9:00  Year 2, 3 and 4 classes are invited to the Undercover Area to watch a Greek Dancing Performance.

11:45  Parents who are bringing in a heated/cooled dish will visit classrooms with the food they have prepared.

12:00 – Each class has a picnic outside their classrooms. Students share the name and the cultural significance of these dishes. Parents are encouraged to stay  and eat lunch with their children.

12:45Russian Dance Performance in the Undercover area. If you have finished eating and would like to attend, this is highly encouraged.

1:00 – Latin American Dance Performance in Undercover area.

End of the Day: Miss Souter and the Senior Choir will perform as children leave school.

As you can see, we have a wonderful day planned. I hope you can join in by providing a meal from your country of origin, share its significance with your child  and then stay to eat and enjoy the entertainment.

Parents, as much as Harmony Day is a day of celebration, it is still a school day. I ask that you child attends for the whole day and you do not request to take them home once the lunch time food and festivities are over. Important follow up learning will take place in all classrooms following the lunch break.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Please make sure you have booked your interview time with your child’s classroom teacher. Time slots are limited now, so please see your child’s teacher to book any remaining spot.

Please remember that school closes at 11:45 on Monday April 9 to enable the interviews to begin.

We are Looking For School Garden Volunteers

We would love to hear from any parents or grandparents, or anyone else for that matter,  who would be interested in helping our School Garden guru, Mrs Nikki Fourie, in the garden. Nikki has so successfully tended to our beautiful garden that it has become a bit too much for one person right now. If you would like to help out, either occasionally, or regularly, please give me a call or drop me a line with your details and how much you’d like to help out.

It could be a “one off”, an hour a week, or an occasional hour or two here. Anything would be greatly appreciated. You may even want to do a little more! We will be grateful for whatever you can offer. It’s a great way to get involved in our school and a beautiful place to spend some time.

Please give it some thought. I hope to hear from you!

Inter-school Sports Carnival Teams

Congratulations to our Year 6s who represented our school in the recent Inter-school Summer Carnival. Playing volleyball, cricket, basketball and tee-ball our students displayed the kind of determination to do well and the right sporting spirit that we expect of Aubin Grove kids.  I was proud to hear of the way our students, without exception, showed great respect to the umpires, their opposition and their own team mates. This is something that we emphasise over winning at Aubin Grove and our students never let us down.

All our teams performed very well and can hold their heads up high. Our A Division Cricket team and B Division Volleyballers both came first and overall Aubin Grove placed third…two points away from the winners!

Thank you to all the teachers and parents who gave up their time to train our teams and to cheer them on during the carnival.

I hope to see you all on Friday for Harmony Day!

Best wishes