STEAM education is the learning of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics in an integrated approach. Aubin Grove Primary School is embracing this way of learning and will begin Term 3 with a visit from Duncan Moon. He is a Western Australian based sculptor, painter, draftsman, designer and stonemason. Duncan will be providing a 1 hour lesson to all Pre-Primary to Year 6 classes, teaching in line with the STEAM and LEAF programs and ethos. Students will be given insight into a world within a world where the relationship between art and mathematics is revealed. The art / maths relationship is principally explained through geometry and students will be encouraged to make their own drawings, gain an understanding of form, spatial relationships and perception.

In 2017, Duncan won the commission to transform the old Bayswater Toilet Block into a work of art. He used science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to achieve this. The pictures below show the old toilet and what Duncan transformed it into.

Prior to Duncan’s arrival, the students were introduced to a problem of how could the old toilet block be improved, to make it visually appealing and fit into the environment. The students were asked to come up with a design that they felt would make the toilet block a work of art.

Examples of the students’ designs are on display in the reception area.

For more information on Duncan Moon, you can visit his website at