Use of Mobile Phones at School

Student Use

Students at Aubin Grove PS are discouraged from bringing mobile phones to school.  We accept that there may be extraordinary instances where parents require students to have mobile phones on the way to and from school. In these cases their use is restricted to before or after school only and not whilst on school grounds except with the permission of their teacher or an admin team member.  For security and privacy reasons, students do not have access to mobile phones during the school day.

Consequently, students who bring mobile phones to school are required to:

  • Bring a parent permission letter to the class teacher, stating that they give their child permission to have the phone.
  • Turn the phone off and give it to the class teacher at the start of the day. Teachers will lock students’ mobile phones away until the end of the day when they will be returned to students.

The school does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of the phone.

If a student fails to hand in the phone, by keeping it on their person or concealing it in their desk or bag, and it becomes lost, stolen or damaged, the school once again will not accept any responsibility for investigating the incident or recovering the phone.