Dear families

On Monday 7th May, motivational speaker and mental health advocate, Luke S Kennedy came and spoke with our Year 4-6 students. Aubin Grove prides itself in improving student wellbeing, reducing mental health difficulties and increasing support for students and their families experiencing mental health difficulties. Inviting Luke to come and share his story was a way to help us to continue to encourage a positive social and emotional environment for our students and connect them with a positive school community.


Luke took the students through the journey of his life so far and how he got to where he is now, through the decisions he has made. The main messages Luke spoke on was anti-bullying (self-bullying), peer pressure, stop caring what other people think of you, having a true self mindset and not letting yourself or others label who you are.

Toward the end, Luke spoke on self-care and self-awareness. This was an opportunity where the students were encouraged to distance themselves from the ‘loud noise’ and take some time to practise mindfulness, exercise and read. Luke explained that by doing this, students are supporting their minds to rest and to improve mental health.

It was so great to hear such positive feedback from both students and staff following Luke’s talk. I am hoping that as a school, we can continue to strive towards an environment committed to developing ourselves and each other.

Amberlie Evans
School Chaplain


Student Feedback

“Luke came to talk to us about social wellbeing, bullying and bad choices. Luke’s speech was so important; you should always make the choices you think are right. He said that we should avoid peer pressure, pressure, self bullying and bullying. This could be because they want to be cool or they want to be liked. He said that if a person doesn’t like you for who you are, then you should avoid that person. If we follow the things that Luke has taught himself and us, we can achieve anything.”

Ayaan & Josh.G – Year 6

“The incursion was amazing because he was so inspirational. It made my day. I took all the positive vibes and the helpful tips he told us to be a better person and to change your bad labels into your inner self.”

Olive – Year 5