Aubin Grove Primary School

Aubin Grove Primary School opened in February 2011 as a state of the art public primary school for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Right from the very beginning, our school has been guided by our dedicated commitment to achieving our shared vision and our stated purpose of ensuring that every student is a successful learner and every teacher is an excellent teacher.

In 2012 we became an Independent Public School, in recognition of our capacity to accept and apply increased flexibility and our responsibility to make local decisions across a range of school operations to enhance educational outcomes for our students.

We have more freedom to make decisions about important matters that impact our students’ education such as student support, staff recruitment, financial management, governance and accountability. In collaboration with our School Board, we monitor our performance against our Delivery and Performance Agreement and articulate our plans and goals via our Business Plan.

2016 WA Primary School of the Year

Aubin Grove was named the 2016 WA Primary School of the Year in the WA Department of Education Awards acknowledging the excellence of our teaching and learning programs, leadership, the high quality of the relationships between school and families, outstanding governance provided by the School Board and our ability to provide a safe, stimulating and rewarding learning environment for all students.