Book Week Parade – Friday 21st Sept at 9:00am

Aubin Grove’s Book Week celebrations will continue on Friday morning with our sensational Book Week Parade. The theme of Find Your Treasure has really ignited the students’ imaginations and we are looking forward to seeing the wonderful costumes that connect with this theme.

The Parade will commence at 9am with classes moving to the Little Girls’ Courtyard (near the Undercover Area) under the supervision of their teacher to sit in a year group zone. As we will have the entire school seated in this courtyard, we would ask that parents and family members please observe the red lines on the map to indicate the viewing areas.

The Parade will commence with our Kindergarten students and then PP and so on with each year group completing a circuit before returning to their original seating position. Year groups will be announced over the PA. 

Could visitors please keep the area near the Music room and the gates to the Naturescape Playground accessible for K/PP students as teachers may wish to return to their classes before the end of the Parade.

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