About Your Child’s Report

This formal report is just one part of our Reporting to Families Policy at Aubin Grove. It provides a summary of the progress your child has made so far this year and should be read in the context of all the other information communicated to you by your child’s teacher throughout the year.  This information has been conveyed to you in formal ways such as the Term One parent/teacher interviews and Progress Folder and in informal ways including doorway chats, classroom visits, phone calls and emails.

All this information combined is intended to give you a clear picture of the progress and achievement your child has made so far this year.

All our teachers collaborate closely to moderate their judgments. This is to ensure that the judgment they have made of your child’s level in a particular learning area (e.g. Writing, Number etc) is accurate and valid. If you compare reports from previous years and feel there is a discrepancy, you are encouraged to discuss this with the teacher. Please bear in mind though that judgment making is not an exact science and does vary somewhat from school to school and teacher to teacher. At Aubin Grove, we have placed considerable effort and time into ensuring that our teachers are well informed of what comprises each level and have developed a deep knowledge and confidence in their decision making.

The focus on formal reporting is in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), social/emotional development, plus the specialist areas of Music, Japanese and Health & Physical Education. Teacher comments are provided for English and Mathematics and a general comment. Specialist area teachers write a comment for students who receive an A or D grade.