At Aubin Grove Primary School, we believe in developing positive relationships with our school community and working together with teachers and families. When parents and school staff share information, model respect and have consistent communication, children are inspired to learn, enjoy, aspire and focus to achieve their full potential.

School Communication with Parents:

Website –
  • Policies and procedures, business plan and annual report, board communication
Whole School Connect Platform
  • Newsletters (Weeks 5&10), Formal School Reports (Terms 2&4), Term Planner, resources, whole school reminders and updates.
Classroom Connect Platform
  • Beginning of term class communication, classroom updates and important information.
Facebook – Aubin Grove Primary School
  • Community celebrations, upcoming events and reminders.
Onsite Communication
  • Assemblies, open nights, parent teacher interviews, parent information session, early childhood notice boards
  • K – 3 student learning journey platform.
Hard Copy Notes/Leaflets
  • Permission slips e.g. swimming, excursions, school photos, updated student record info.

Parent Communication with Teachers:

Face to Face
  • Either by appointment or, for brief, urgent messages before or after school at the classroom door.
  • Notification of planned absence.
  • Request to schedule appointments.
  • Changes in family circumstances.
  • Medical and safety issues.
  • Concerns about your child’s academic, emotional or social progress.
Parent Communication with the School


  • Planned and unexpected absences (via SMS 0439 512 872 or call 6174 6500)
  • Any issues related to custody or access.
  • Change in address or contact details (via email)