Student Dress Code


Students are required to wear the Aubin Grove uniform to school. Uniforms can be purchased from the school uniform shop.

The  Aubin Grove school uniform is comprised of:


  • School monogrammed dress.
  • School monogrammed polo shirt.
  • School monogrammed shorts.
  • School monogrammed skorts (a combination of shorts and skirt for girls).
  • School monogrammed jacket (Hoodies are not permitted).
  • School tracksuit pants.
  • Faction shirt (P-6 only.  Children wear these shirts on Friday’s and for Faction Carnivals).


  • School sandals.
  • School shoes.
  • Sneakers or joggers.

Thongs, reef sandals, massage sandals, heeled dress sandals and scuffs are not permitted.

Wearing of sun hats

The dangers of skin cancer are well documented. Wearing of hats whilst involved in outside activities is compulsory throughout the entire year. We have provided sun safe hats for all students to wear as part of the uniforms provided in the Uniform shop. Sun visors, caps, beanies and hoods are not adequate protection.  We encourage students to wear the school hats. Due to safety concerns we highly recommend purchasing hats that DO NOT have a string that goes under the chin.

*Please ensure all items of removable clothing (eg. jackets, hats) are clearly labelled as they are often mislaid.


For safety reasons the only items of jewellery considered appropriate while at school are ear studs, sleepers or watches. Family support in relation to this would be greatly appreciated.

Hair longer than shoulder length must be plaited or tied back.