Thank you for your interest in applying to enrol your child at Aubin Grove Primary School. Parents seeking to enrol their child need to complete an Application for Enrolment Form (available upon request from the Admissions Office or download from the Applications link).

When completing the Application for Enrolment you will also be required to provide evidence that you reside within the local intake area for Aubin Grove Primary School.

Proof of Residence

To assist the school to determine the student’s eligibility under local intake, the following documentation needs to be attached to the application for admission:

  • Proof of ownership of the property where the student will reside. This will be the latest rates notice from the local council or proof of purchase for a recent purchase, or where the family is in a rental agreement, a copy of the rental agreement (minimum 3 months)
  •  and a Recent Synergy account – connection or account

Along with one of the following:

  • Drivers licence
  • Gas – connection or account
  • Telephone accounts
  • Contents Insurance
  • Any other official documents that may support the application as proof of residence

Applications cannot be considered until such time as documented evidence is provided to the school.

Additional Documents

You will also be required to provide the student’s original Birth Certificate, student’s last school report and Immunisation History Statement that is no more than two months old at the time of submitting your child’s enrolment form. Parents can access an AIR Immunisation History Statement by:

Please note to enrol in kindergarten, a child must have one of the following documents:

  • an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Immunisation History Statement, no more than two months old with a status of ‘up to date’
  • an AIR Immunisation History Form, no more than six months old, if the child is on a catch up schedule
  • a valid immunisation certificate issued or declared by the Chief Health Officer.

Further information on obtaining current Immunisation evidence can be found on the Department of Health website.

Any Family Court Orders or parenting plans registered with the Family Court should also be made available at the time of enrolment.

It is essential that all of the information on these forms is accurate and current. All medical information needs to be correct at time of enrolment to enable the school to create an emergency response plan, if required.

Overseas Students

Students born overseas must hold either; an Australian passport, citizenship papers or appropriate visa before applying to the school. Students who do not hold an Australian passport during the application process must present their Visa Grant Notice and passport at the time of enrolment.

Cancellation of Enrolment

Parents are reminded that under the Education Act 1999, the Principal may cancel the enrolment if the enrolment was obtained by giving false or misleading information. The Principal may recommend that the Regional Executive Director cancel and enrolment if the student’s residential address changes and is not within the local intake area at the time of enrolment.

Please ensure all contact details are correct. It is vital that in an emergency, we are able to reach parents immediately. Should parents be unavailable, the next emergency contact supplied will be called. Therefore, it is important that this contact information is kept updated.

Completed applications can be hand delivered to Reception at:

Aubin Grove Primary School

85 Camden Boulevard


All the required documentation is listed on the Enrolment Application Form.

Photocopying of supporting documents can be provided at time of lodgement.

Commencement Year Table

The table below outlines the year commencement date for students by date of birth.