Technology Usage

Acceptable use of electronic technology at school policy

In response to the growing challenge of operating in a digital environment, that may expose students to unsafe behaviours including cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate sites and conversations,  Aubin Grove Primary School adopts a policy that focuses on prevention and responding to incidents in the event that they do occur. Digital/electronic invasion of privacy, harassment and bullying are real risks, given the capabilities, exposure to and daily use by children. At Aubin Grove Primary School we aim to proactively minimise the risks.

The Internet is a rich educational resource that dramatically expands classroom resources. The access to curriculum materials, group projects, collaboration and idea sharing encourages independence and problem solving skills expected of students in today’s society.

This policy extends to the use of all social media (including Facebook, texting etc). Although it is used by students out of school hours, it can impact negatively on other students while at school.

General Policy

The following are not permitted within the school environment:

  1. Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures.
  2. Using obscene language.
  3. Harassing, insulting or attacking others.
  4. Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks.
  5. Violating copyright laws.
  6. Using others’ passwords or accounts.
  7. ‘Hacking’ into others’ folders, work or files for any reason.
  8. Intentionally wasting limited resources, including printer ink and paper.


  1. Violations of the above rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban on Internet/computer use.
  2. Parents/carers will be informed.
  3. Additional disciplinary action may be added in line with existing practice on inappropriate language or behaviour.
  4. When applicable, police or local authorities may be involved.
  5. If necessary, external agencies such as Social Networking or Email Member sites may be contacted and informed.