Dear Families

I apologize for the delay in responding to your applications for your child to attend Kindergarten at Aubin Grove in 2018 and appreciate that you are anxious to find out the outcome.

It is probably unsurprising to you that the delay has been caused by uncertainty over our capacity to fit all Kindergarten students into our school next year. We have reached capacity and so I have been liaising with the Department of Education to reach a solution.

Several options were being considered and I required a decision to be made before I could proceed. This has been the cause of the delay.

As a result, I can confirm that we are unable to accommodate all applications and so we have applied Department of Education policy on this matter to determine who attends Aubin Grove Kindergarten and who does not.

In line with policy and the number of students we are able to accommodate:

  • All kindergarten aged children living in the local intake area who have a sibling at our school in 2018 will be enrolled as long as they applied by the due date (July 21)
  • A small number of students who live in the local intake area but who do not have siblings will be enrolled using the proximity to school rule. Sixty-three students live within 900 metres of our school. Of this number we have places for twelve.
  • Families who do not live in the local intake area (with and without siblings) fit into the final two categories and unfortunately, won’t be able to be considered.

All families will receive their letters next week (commencing Monday September 4) so I ask you to be patient for a few more days.

There are two messages I would like to make very clear:

  • As Kindy is a pre-compulsory year of school, this decision only applies to the Kindergarten year. Enrolment in the compulsory years of primary schooling (Pre-primary – Year 6) is different, so if you miss out on Kindergarten at Aubin Grove but you live within our local intake area, you are guaranteed enrolment for your child in Pre-primary in 2019 and beyond.
  • Your child will definitely be offered a position for Kindy at one of our local primary schools. I have personally contacted all nearby schools and they have confirmed that they have room to accept Kindy enrolments for 2018 at this stage.

Once again I apologize for the delay in arriving at this decision. This has been a very difficult process for us and I wanted to consider all options in order to provide the best solution. I appreciate that many people will be disappointed but I want to reiterate that this decision only applies to Kindergarten so students living in the Aubin Grove local in-take area will still be attending our school as Pre-primaries in 2019.

It also negates the situation where families have children at two different primary schools.

Thank you in anticipation of your understanding and patience.

Frank Pansini