Dear Parents

On Monday April 9 classes will cease at 11:45 to allow for the commencement of parent/teacher interviews. In the case of students in Years 3-6, this will be parent/student/teacher interviews, or three way interviews, in which the student will be present and will discuss his/her learning goals and the progress he/she has made so far this year.

Today, teachers placed an interview timetable outside their classroom for parents to place their name at a time that suits. Please understand that not everyone can get their preferred time so we will endeavour to accommodate you as close to your preference as possible.

If you are unable to come to school to secure your own time, you can delegate this task to your child or a sibling, if he/she is old enough.

Teachers will also send a message in the next day or so to parents who can’t get to school to place their own name on the list requesting you to nominate a time. They will then ensure they give you a time as close as possible to your preference.

The purpose of the interviews is to share information between parents and teachers (and students) on the progress, particularly in literacy and numeracy, the students have made in their new class this year. Each interview is intended to last fifteen minutes and as the schedule is so tight, we are ask for your cooperation in this. If you would like more time to discuss matters relating to your child, please let the teacher know so another interview can be held at a time when there is more time available.

Once again, please remember that school closes at 11:45am on Monday April 9 and interviews commence immediately after this time. Your cooperation in ensuring that you are at school on time to pick your child up is greatly appreciated.